Correcting Common Dental Veneer Myths

1 June 2023
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Dental veneers have been a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure for decades because they offer patients a quick and effective way to enhance their smile. Yet despite their popularity, numerous misconceptions plague this treatment option, which may prevent potential candidates from experiencing the benefits of dental veneers.

Myth: You Can Not Eat Normally With Veneers

Contrary to popular belief, dental veneer wearers can enjoy most foods without issue. However, avoiding excessive biting forces or exceptionally hard foods is advisable as these can cause damage, but this recommendation applies even to those without dental restorations.

While there are not many limitations on what you can eat after getting dental veneers, certain food items like hard candy or ice cubes should be approached with caution since chewing directly down on them might lead to damage or dislodgement of your restoration.

Your oral hygiene routine should stay the same after having dental veneers applied. Focus on maintaining good brushing and flossing habits for optimal preservation and improvements in your smile.

Myth: Getting Veneers Is Painful

Getting dental veneers is typically a painless process involving minimal tooth preparation or reduction. Any discomfort experienced during this procedure is generally mild at worst. Local anesthetics lessen the discomfort the patient feels. The patient may only experience mild tenderness in the treated teeth following this procedure. After getting dental veneers, the recovery time is minimal due to tooth preparation being limited and the affected area not involving invasive procedures.

Myth: Veneers Always Look Fake

Several varieties of dental veneer materials are available for patients, including porcelain and composite resin materials, which provide a customizable appearance that matches each patient's preferences. Modern dental veneers are carefully crafted to ensure a natural-looking smile that seamlessly blends with surrounding teeth in color and contours, making them practically indistinguishable from your other teeth.

 Myth: Veneers Require A Lot Of Maintenance

The truth about this cosmetic treatment is that caring for your dental veneers largely follows similar principles as regular oral hygiene, brushing twice daily, flossing regularly, and dental visits every six months for comprehensive examinations.

While some biannual appointments may require slight adjustments or replacements to your veneers due to wear or damage, this is typically only an issue for older veneers.

Although complications may occur in isolated cases, most issues arising from patients experiencing discomfort or dissatisfaction can be addressed quickly. Over-the-counter medications can handle the discomfort a patient may experience. However, if the dental pain persists for several days or longer, the patient may need to schedule a follow-up visit. 

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