What You Want To Know About Whiter Teeth

13 July 2022
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It's not necessary to feel bad about the color of your teeth. Brighter, whiter teeth can be had surprisingly easily. Many people have questions about having whiter teeth. Read on and find out more. 

Know the Causes

Sparkling white teeth come naturally to some people. However, several factors can affect the shading of teeth for most. Smoking, medications, and your family tree are often to blame for less than white teeth.  If your parents tended to have yellowed teeth, you might have inherited that condition.

Coffee, soft drinks, and tea can also stain teeth. In most cases, teeth whitening techniques will lighten the color of your teeth no matter what the cause. However, if you continue to take part in the same habits, your teeth whitening results might not last as long as they could.

Know the Methods

A wide variety of teeth whitening methods exist:

  • Whitening toothpaste can gradually and slowly whiten your teeth. However, don't expect anything dramatic
  • Professional bleaching performed in a dentist's office offers the most for your money
  • At-home kits provided by your dentist can also whiten your teeth, but not as well as procedures performed in the office

Professional whitening by your dentist may require several visits to obtain the desired results. A bleaching solution is painted onto your teeth and a light is used to enhance the effects of the bleach.

Budget for Whiter Teeth

  • Whitening toothpaste is the least expensive option. It seldom costs any more than ordinary toothpaste to purchase.

Professional whitening at your dentist and at-home kits vary in price. The national average is about $650.00 per session for office treatments. However, talk to your dentist about prices where you live. The number of sessions you need depends on your teeth and how easily the stains can be lifted. Take-home kits are not as costly as in-office whitening and consist of trays and whitening solutions.

Expect Long-Term Results

In most cases, a professional teeth-whitening process will last for several years. Your personal habits will affect how long your teeth remain bright and white. Dental hygiene practices can help make the result last longer so don't avoid your regular cleaning appointments. In most cases, when your teeth begin to look dull again, you won't need as many sessions to brighten them again if you act quickly.

Speak to your dentist and discuss the various options, costs, and methods for whiter, brighter teeth.