Invisalign: Essential Things You Need To Know

29 September 2021
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Having crooked teeth is a problem affecting many people. Apart from impacting your self-confidence, it can also cause a lot of health issues if left unattended. If you have been struggling with this problem, there's good news: invisible braces, like Invisalign, can be a great solution and alternative, especially for people who aren't comfortable with traditional braces. Invisible braces are used to straighten crooked teeth, and it's invisible, meaning you don't need to worry about other people noticing you're wearing them. Understanding essential things about braces can help you be prepared before you visit your dentist or orthodontist because you will know what you can expect. Read this quick guide for more information. 

The Length of Treatment Depends on Each Person

Before you opt for invisible braces, you may want to know how long it can take to recover. Typically, treatment for most adults can take up to a year. However, this timeline depends on the level of treatment you need and the health of your teeth. For example, the treatment can take up to a few months for an individual with slightly misaligned teeth. On the flip side, if your teeth have more advanced tissues, treatment can last longer. 

If you're worried about how long your Invisalign treatment will take, you don't need to because you'll discuss this with a dental expert and know everything before starting the procedure. Your professional will explain everything you should know and will offer an estimation of how long your treatment may last depending on your circumstances. 

Do Not Ignore Daily Flossing

One of the recommendations you can expect from your dentist is to floss daily. While many people know how this is essential to maintaining their braces and the overall health of their teeth, daily flossing may seem like a chore, and it's not uncommon for some people to ignore it. When it comes to invisible braces, flossing is critical because you want to ensure your gums and teeth are as clean as possible. 

Failure to floss means your teeth will develop plaque and food build-up. This issue can be problematic when they get stuck in the invisible braces and won't fit your teeth as expected. If this happens, you're likely to experience pain, and you don't want such experiences. 

Avoid Some Habits During Treatment

While you can remove your aligners, you want to wear them most of the time as recommended by your dental expert. If you smoke, you want to reduce tobacco use. Smoking with your aligners on increases the risk of getting your Invisalign stained and dark. This can make them unsightly and dark, impacting your smile. 

Contact a dentist or orthodontist to learn more about invisible braces.