Having Your Teeth Whitened? Know What To Do To Keep Them Looking Great

14 May 2019
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

If you are planning to have a professional teeth whitening procedure done, you'll likely want to take steps to keep your smile nice and bright for a long time. That's why it helps to know what you should be doing after leaving the dentist's office to maintain that nice shade of white teeth.

Brush More Often

Did your teeth become discolored due to a lack of brushing? If so, you'll want to change your ways and make sure that brushing becomes a regular part of your daily routine. Your teeth may now be whiter, but they can still become discolored again from the same plaque that stained your teeth in the first place.

Consider switching to a new toothpaste that has whitening properties to assist with maintaining that nice level of white teeth. Your dentist may even have a recommendation for a specific type of toothpaste that they feel works the best.

Change Your Behaviors

Chances are that you have a lot of habits that caused your teeth to gradually become discolored. You may chew or smoke tobacco, which can have some very obvious effects on your teeth and your health. If you do not give up tobacco products, you'll likely end up with discolored teeth very quickly.

You should consider switching up the foods that you eat as well since some are known to cause staining more than others. Dark berries and red sauces tend to gradually discolor your teeth. Dark beverages can have a similar effect, such as soda and coffee.

Don't worry — you do not have to give up on these foods completely. Just eat them in moderation or take steps to avoid staining. For instance, dark beverages can be sipped through a straw, and dark foods can be rinsed off your teeth with water.

Visit The Dentist Regularly

If you haven't been attending your regular cleanings, it is not too late to start. Having a dentist clean your teeth every six months is going to go a long way to making sure they stay white. The dentist will also help find health problems with your teeth that can cause them to be discolored. Overall, don't think that you can get away with not visiting the dentist now that your teeth look good.

For more information about what you should do after whitening your teeth, be sure to talk to your dentist about it. They likely have recommendations about what steps you should take after your teeth whitening treatment.