Bleeding Gums? Two Things To Know About This Problem

5 April 2019
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When you feel pain or discomfort in your jaw, teeth, or gums, you may try to ignore the problem to avoid going to the dentist. However, gums that start to bleed are an indication that something is could be wrong. Bleeding gums are a problem, but they are not one that you need to live with forever. Your dentist can help make your gums better and become pain-free once again. Here are two things to know about this dental-related problem.

Dental Scaling Can Fix The Problem

Your gums may be bleeding because you have tartar and plaque that has collected in the pockets of your gums, and now the gums are suffocating. An infection forms, which then causes your gums to bleed. This is essentially a mild case of gum disease, and if caught early enough, it can be fixed by removing the tartar or plaque that is under your gums. This allows your gums to start healing and stop bleeding.

The process of removing that tartar or plaque is known as dental scaling, and it involves scraping away the bacteria underneath your gums that is causing the problem. Some dentists may use a metal dental pick to get the job done, while others use ultrasonic dental scaling equipment. This specialized equipment uses a combination of vibration and water to get rid of that tartar or plaque from your gums and can even feel painless. This will likely be the initial thing that your dentist attempts so that you fix the problem.

Gingivitis Can Be Reversed

Another reason that your gums could be bleeding is due to gingivitis, which is an early form of gum disease. Be aware that gingivitis can be reversed if caught early but will turn into the more serious form of gum disease, periodontitis, if ignored. If periodontitis does set in, you can potentially suffer from gum erosion, persistent pain, and potentially even lose teeth. Your general health can also be at risk if the infection spreads to other parts of your body.

Thankfully, a dentist can help reverse gingivitis if caught early enough. You may fear going to the dentist because you think that the treatment will be painful, but know that it will only be worse to treat the problem if ignored. You are always better off having a dentist inspect the problem early on and hearing what their recommended treatment is. It can help you avoid the long-term consequences of bleeding gums.

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