Three Dental Procedures That May Benefit You

15 June 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

In addition to the pain and other health problems that dental issues can cause, they can also be a source of intense self-esteem issues, as they can greatly compromise a person's appearance. Unfortunately, patients will often fail to consider the benefits of choosing to undergo cosmetic dental procedures due to being unaware of the availability of these treatments.  


Veneers are a procedure that can be used for patients that have suffered structural issues or misshaped teeth. Individuals will often assume that the appearance of their teeth cannot be corrected without removing and replacing the tooth. However, veneers can be a relatively painless way of correcting this problem without needing to undergo these extensive procedures. A veneer is essentially a porcelain or composite resin covering that is glued to the surface of the teeth. When veneers are placed, your dentist will shave some of the exterior enamel off your teeth so that the veneer covering can be placed.


If a tooth has suffered serious damage and must be removed, you will want to have it replaced as quickly as possible. Otherwise, it will be possible for the surrounding teeth to shift positions so that they close the gap that has been created by the missing tooth. While dental implants can be a viable solution for replacing a tooth, the cost of this solution can prevent some individuals from being able to quickly seek this solution.

In contrast, a dental bridge will typically cost a fraction of the price of a dental implant, which may help you to have this damage corrected as quickly as possible. A dental bridge is an artificial tooth that rests on the surface of the gums and is supported by being anchored to neighboring undamaged teeth. While this procedure will be far more affordable, it will require more maintenance, as the bridge will need to be periodically replaced.


Dental stains are an issue that most people will find that they have to address at some point or another. When this is the case, individuals may find that their appearance is severely compromised, which can make it difficult to be comfortable and confident when smiling. In order to restore the color of your teeth as quickly as possible, you should consider having a professional whitening treatment performed. The whitening solutions that a professional dental clinic can use will be better suited for addressing severe stains. Also, it can be possible for a dentist to employ sophisticated modern whitening procedures, such as laser whitening, to restore the natural color of your teeth.