Should Your Children Drink Boba Tea?

19 May 2017
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Boba tea, or bubble tea, is an increasingly popular drink that parents are sharing with their children. Although tea is often considered a healthy alternative to other sugary drinks, it might not be as good for your children's teeth as you think. If you share boba tea with your children, here is what you need to know.  

Is Boba Tea Good for Your Child's Oral Health? 

Boba tea is a fun drink that features tapioca pearls and flavored syrups. Unfortunately, those ingredients are damaging to children's teeth and could lead to a number of dental problems for your children.  

The sugar and acids that are found in boba tea can lead to enamel erosion. The eroded enamel could mean an increased risk of cavities and decay for your children. It can also mean an increased risk of gum disease.  

In addition to this, medical experts warns that drinking the tea could lead to diabetes. Diabetes can not only put your children at risk of gum disease, but also lead to their gums pulling away from their teeth. The pockets that result from this allows for germs and other harmful bacteria to build up and cause additional problems.  

Due to all of the risks associated with boba tea, it is considered to be more damaging to your children than carbonated soda.  

What Are Good Alternatives? 

Instead of giving your children boba tea, there are many other alternatives that are healthy and good for their teeth. One of the healthiest drinks you can give your children is water. Water not only helps to wash away food particles that are left in your children's mouths, but it also contains fluoride, which can strengthen tooth enamel. 

If you do want to give your children a sweeter beverage, natural fruit juices are safe if given in moderation. Look for drinks that have a higher level of real fruit. The higher the real fruit in the drink, the less processed sugar there is in it.  

You can also give your children milk, which has calcium. The calcium is important in helping to fortify your children's teeth. The milk leaves a protective film on the teeth that is good for reducing the impact of sugary snacks that your children consume during the day.  

Talk to your dentist about other alternative drinks that you can give your children instead of boba tea. The dentist can also check to determine if the tea has already impacted their oral health. 

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