Factors You Should Disclose To Your Dentist Before You Have Sedation Administered

20 July 2016
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If you are scared or nervous when you are at the dentist, and it makes having procedures done unbearable, you may be a candidate for sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry involves giving you a sedative so that you can relax and the procedure can be done. In most cases, you will be awake, but some sedatives can put you to sleep. Before you have sedation given to you, it is important to disclose a few things to your dentist. Here are a few of the factors you should disclose to a dentist before having sedatives and the reasons why.

Any Medical Conditions for Which You Are Being Treated

Before you receive any sedatives, your dentist will ask you about your medical history. One of the questions they will ask is whether or not you are being treated for any medical conditions and what treatments you are receiving for that condition. It is important to answer this question truthfully. Certain conditions, treatments and medications can affect the sedative you are given. Some medications can interact poorly with the sedative, causing it to wear off quickly or last longer. And some conditions may make receiving a sedative unsafe. As such, it is important to be fully honest about your current medical history.

Any Vitamins or Herbal Supplements You Are Taking

Another key piece of information you should disclose to a dentist before you have sedation administered is any vitamins or herbal supplements you are taking. It is important to tell a dentist about the medications you are taking. However, many people don't think about listing their vitamins and supplements when asked about medications. But it is important to do so because certain vitamins and herbal supplements can interact with sedatives in the same way medications do. When possible, bring along a list of medications, vitamins and herbal supplements you are taking, along with the dosage, before having sedation administered.

Whether You Are a Smoker or Drinker

The last piece of information you will want to disclose before receiving a sedative is whether you are a smoker or drinker. You will then be asked how many cigarettes a day you smoke and when you last had one, or how frequently you drink and how much you have had to drink within the past few days. Both alcohol and tobacco affect your metabolism, which in turn affects how long your sedative will last.

Receiving a sedative can make unbearable anxiety or nervousness about going to the dentist more bearable. However, if you are going to be receiving a sedative, it is important that you disclose certain information to your dentist. Your dentist needs to know about any medical conditions you are being treated for, any medications, vitamins and herbal supplements you are taking, and whether you are a smoker or drinker. This information helps to keep you safe while you are receiving sedation dentistry. For more information, contact a professional such as Richard M Holmes DMD PA.