Answers For Two Common Concerns About Dental Veneers

16 December 2015
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Dental veneers are a great way to restore the appearance of your smile when your teeth are discolored, damages, or oddly shaped. If you are finally considering dental veneers, it's understandable to have concerns about how this procedure will impact your oral health moving forward. Two common concerns that many patients have are about cleaning veneers and how to avoid accidental damage to the pristine look that they provide.

Do Dental Veneers Require Special Cleaning To Maintain Them?

Veneers may be an artificial material, but you still need to take care of them to make sure that they are in good condition. You should continue your regular routine of brushing and flossing twice a day, since veneers will not prevent decay from happening to the exposed parts of your teeth. Veneers are prone to staining if food particles become stuck to the surface due to inadequate oral care. When this happens, replacing the veneer may be the only way to restore the color.

A good tip for cleaning veneers is to pay close attention to the veneer's base near your gum line. This is an area where bacteria tends to collect on teeth. If you ignore this area, bacteria can actually get underneath your veneer and lead to tooth decay.

Can Teeth Grinding Cause Damage To Dental Veneers?

Teeth grinding is a habit that many people have when they're stressed, and it can cause your dental veneers to become damaged in the process. There is a potential for the veneers to have parts that chip away or become warped due to teeth grinding. In extreme cases, the dental veneer can completely fail by detaching itself from the tooth due to the added pressure on them.

The problem with teeth grinding is that is can be an unconscious habit, with many people doing it while sleeping. This can make dental veneers sound unobtainable due to a habit you have little control over. Fortunately, you can use a dental mouthguard while sleeping, which leaves a small gap between the lower and upper jaw. You won't put the pressure on your teeth, and it will cause them to maintain their shape.

These are just a few concerns you may have about getting dental veneers to restore your smile. If you feel like dental veneers are something you are interested in, schedule a consultation with a dentist like Leidenheimer Dental Group Inc. They can walk you through the entire process, and answer any other questions you have.