Managing Pain After A Dental Implant Installation

22 July 2015
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Since having dental implants installed requires drilling into your jawbone to attach the titanium metal posts, it is to be expected that you will have some pain and discomfort after the procedure. The good news is that any pain will dissipate in the days following the implant's installation and you will be left with beautiful new teeth!

Before your procedure date arrives, pick up these inexpensive items at your local grocery store to help you manage any pain that you may experience:

Topical Pain Relief Gel

All pharmacies sell a topical relief gel that you can safely apply to any area in your mouth that is sore from installing your new dental implants. Topical gels work quickly and effectively to numb the nerves in your cheek and gums. The downside of this type of medication is that it tastes horrible and will only last for an hour or so before you need to reapply it.

Frozen Vegetables

A bag of frozen vegetables works well as an ice pack on your face. Dropping the bag onto your kitchen floor a couple of times will break the veggies apart and provide you with a very adaptable ice pack. Smaller size vegetables such as corn, lima beans, and peas work the best. Wrap the bag in a towel before applying it to your face to prevent frostbite.

Table Salt

To obtain the best pain relief from salt, mix a teaspoon of table salt into a glass of hot water until the salt completely dissolves. Gargle with the salt water solution as you would with mouthwash. You can gargle with salt water as often as necessary to relieve your dental pain.

Health Warning: If your medical doctor has advised you to reduce the amount of salt you eat in your diet, then you need to check with either your physician or your cosmetic dentist before using salt water as a gargle. Some of the salt will be absorbed by your body and can raise the level of sodium in your system to unsafe levels if you are sensitive to salt.


By having each of these items on hand, you can rest assured that you will be able to manage any post-procedure dental pain without having to leave the comfort of your home. If you have any more questions about dental pain relief, you should speak with a cosmetic dentist, like Milan Simanek, D.D.S. & Associates, or a member of their staff.