How Do You Know Your Baby Is Teething?

23 January 2015
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

As soon as the first tooth erupts through your child's gums, they will need to see a pediatric dentist. Before that happens, it helps to actually know when they are teething. Teething is the process of their first set of teeth breaking through their gums. It can be uncomfortable, which is why babies tend to show a few different symptoms. Here are signs that your baby is starting to teethe.

When does a baby start teething?

Every baby is different, but for the most part, babies will start teething when they are between six and seven months old. However, you may see teeth as young as only a few months old or as late as a year old. Once you have a toddler, they should have most of their primary teeth grown in. There will be some phases where teeth seem to come in rapidly, and other times where it has been a while since a new tooth has erupted.

What symptoms are common?

Some babies are extremely fussy when they start teething, while others barely show signs. Even if your baby does not start to get fussy, they may still show you other signs, such as swelling of the gums shortly before the tooth begins breaking through. Other signs you may notice include:

  • Biting on their fingers or toys
  • Irritability
  • Excessive drooling
  • Problems sleeping
  • Rubbing their face or mouth
  • Not eating as much
  • Grabbing at their ears

How can they be soothed?

If you notice your baby showing signs of teething, you may want to help them feel better. It can be hard hearing them fuss or watching them rub their face and grab at their ears. One way to soothe them is by getting them teething toys, such as a cold teething ring. They will suck and bite on the toy, which is often a good relief. You can also press a finger on their gums for a couple minutes at a time. For pain as a result of teething, ask your doctor. They may recommend and over-the-counter pain reliever that is safe for infants.

When should they see a dentist?

When your baby begins to teethe, you know they will need to see a pediatric dentist soon. But when? The general consensus is that they should see a dentist when they have at least one tooth that is fully grown in. After they are teething, wait until one of their teeth has broken through the gums completely, then schedule their first dental appointment. For more information, contact a clinic like Adobe Dentistry.