Four Reasons To Consider A Permanent Retainer

27 November 2015
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

After your term with braces are over, you still need to make sure that your teeth remain in proper place. Most orthodontists will fit you for a retainer after your braces are removed. Retainers will need to be worn either all day, or at night depending on how any spaces need to be fixed or maintained. Instead of headgear or a retainer that you must take out and clean, here are four reasons to go through with a permanent retainer instead.

One shot installation

Getting your mouth molded for a retainer is easy, as long as it only has to happen one time. Unfortunately retainers can get lost, broken, or teeth can be spaced out differently over time. With a permanent retainer, the retainer is bonded to your teeth. This means it keeps your teeth in the proper formation and does not need to be refitted under normal circumstances.

No carrying around a case

Retainers are expensive items, but they can easily break if they are not treated gently. Most retainers come with a plastic case that is easy to break if dropped or if something falls on it. If you spend time away from home, you must always remember to pack the retainer and its case to bring along. With a bonded retainer orthodontic treatment, you always have your tooth straightening equipment without hassle.

Gets a cleaning during your dental check ups

Cleaning a round a permanent retainer can be a little more difficult, but permanent retainers and the teeth the sit behind get a good cleaning during your regular dental checkup. During a dental cleaning the teeth and the retainer will receive exfoliation in order to clean. In between cleanings you can use a water pick and floss to keep the teeth properly clear of plaque and build up.

Can remain with you forever

At some point all headgear will need to be switched out for new copies. If you use a clear retainer set, you will need to be refitted every few months. If you have a wire retainer, these can break and come loose and less effective after a year or more. With the cemented bonds of the permanent retainer, these can last for a decade or longer without any issues at all. Being able to keep your bonded retainer on your top teeth, lessens the need to spend more money on orthodontic treatment in the future. You can discover more on this topic by contacting a professional in your area.