Do You Own A Dental Office? 2 Ways To Distract Your Patients During Procedures

12 June 2015
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If you own your own dental office, you can do your patients a service by coming up with ways to distract them while they are getting their procedures done. This can help relieve fears they may be feeling. To start, you should clearly explain exactly what you will be doing, show them the instruments you are using and what they are for, and answer any questions they have in a way they can understand. Along with this, follow the tips below, and you will make your dental office much more popular.

Video Glasses

With a pair of video glasses on, your patients can watch 2D or 3D movies, their favorite television shows, or music videos while they are sitting in your chair. This helps take their mind off what you are doing to them and helps them relax. These glasses are usually powered by batteries, and you can easily sanitize them to move them from one patient to the next.

You do not have to have a lot of videos available, but choose a few comedic videos, upbeat music, television sitcoms, or even cartoons for both adults and children.

These glasses have a high contrast display, are lightweight, and have personalized settings so your patients can adjust the focus. Your patients will wear ear buds for the audio so you will not hear anything yourself. With many glasses, they can be connected to a laptop or other handheld touch device for even more options of what they can see.

When your patients look through the glasses, a large screen appears before them much like a television screen.

Relaxation Techniques

If you have current patients with anxiety problems, supply them with relaxation techniques they can do right before their appointment. Supply them with DVDs or written instructions on how to do these techniques. Many relaxation techniques deal with breathing, and your patients can perform these while they are in your chair.  If you do not want to mail out DVDs, put a video on your website showing the DVD, and give the link to your patients.

If your waiting room area is large enough, have a TV that is playing the DVD with the relaxation techniques for anxious patients to watch while they are waiting for their name to be called.

Some people have a fear of the dentist's chair. To help with this, put a few dentist chairs in your waiting room for people to sit in. Put at least one in the area where you will be playing the DVD. This will allow your patients to lay back and relax while they are watching the videos.

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