Tooth Brushing Mistakes That You Should Avoid

10 October 2018
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If you are concerned about your overall oral health, then your probably care for your teeth by brushing and flossing on a daily basis. While this is ideal to keep your teeth free of cavities, some individuals make some serious mistakes when it comes to the way they brush. Keep reading to learn a little bit about these mistakes and how you can go about avoiding them. Brushing Too Hard Read More 

Signs Dentists Look For When Diagnosing Gum Disease

23 September 2018
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If you are going to a dental visit soon, you should expect your dentist to look inside your mouth for signs of gum disease. Gum disease is something that affects a lot of people, and it can cause severe damage to your mouth if you do not get the treatment you need. As your dentist examines your mouth, he or she will look for the following signs as they indicate that you might have the initial stages of gum disease. Read More 

3 Reasons You Might Need An Oral Surgeon To Perform Your Tooth Extraction

26 August 2018
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Removing a tooth from your mouth is usually the last resort when it comes to dental care. Eliminating the natural tooth can lead to bone loss and other complications, so dentists try to avoid extractions whenever possible. There are certain situations where the removal of a tooth is the only way to provide ongoing relief.  Both dentists and oral surgeons can perform extractions, making it difficult to determine which dental professional you should schedule an appointment with. Read More 

How To Start Lifting Out Years Of Tooth Stains And Discoloration

26 July 2018
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Many people will have to deal with some degree of teeth staining over the course of their lives. There are a number of reasons why this is the case. However, teeth staining isn't a permanent condition and there are several treatments options, including whitening toothpaste, at-home whitening kits, and in-house treatments at the dentist's office However, not all these treatments will work on every kind of staining, and even those that work may not produce results that you may consider satisfactory. Read More 

How Gum Disease Ruins Your Breath

28 June 2018
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Bad breath is something no one wants to have, but beating it can be tough, especially if you don't treat the underlying problem. While many people look to cleaning their tongues or cheeks in order to control bad breath, one of the biggest culprits is actually gum disease. If you have gum disease and know your breath is less than fresh, here's the reason why. The Smell of Bacteria Bacteria can make anything stink that ordinarily wouldn't. Read More